What is the government on Edge?

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In this section we will learn about the government on edge. So we get a clear understanding on how these species became so peaceful with one another.

What is the government on Edge?
On Edge the government is quite simple. Each race has a representative a sort of leader. Everyone looks up to this leader, but this leader must listen to their people.
These leader negotiate between one another to make the best for every species. Not one decision about one species is just left to one leader.
Its a shared leadership because all the species realize they need each other to survive.
Angels need the Modics so the Modics can fix them. Modics need Azra because the Azra can lighten their stress from work. Azra need Jillix because they need purified water and clean unpolluted food.
Jillix need both Modics and Azra because the Modics create special dams to make sure Jillix's homes aren't swept away during the rainy season and the Azra bring the Jillix food from the forest.
The leaders understand that and express every concern for their own species to the other leaders because if one species is dying then balance will be distorted.
The only thing they found unbalanced by their government is the new leader, the humans leader.
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