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Hey everyone, you might know me you might not, so for those who don't I'm protar. I've been on this site a while now and I've finally got myself an avatar which I like to think is a fair representation of myself besides hair colour. So I realized the only thing I had left to do was to start a blog. But before I start in earnest I want to get a couple of things off my chest.

The first is that I am in fact a blog virgin. I have never done this before and as such have no idea what I'm supposed to write (comments would be enlightening.). I'm assuming that it's going to turn out like some sort of diary only the diary answers me back. So it'll probably involve some insane ramblings, random musings, insights into my strange life and of course stuff about writing. Incidentally I helped my friend write a surreal short story today just for fun. I was a prince/scientists/ninja/dragon rider who owned a unicorn called sparklehoof and died of heroin abuse.

Second thing: I am 16 so while I like to think of myself as intelligent a lot of my sense of humour consists of sexual innuendos. So while I'll keep things mostly clean please don't get offended. I'll put up an adult content warning if I end up doing an essay on futanari or something.

So that'll do for now I guess. I hope you enjoy my blog. :) peace off.
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