What job are you best suited to?

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Writer? Well, many of you would say that I imagine. However, this question has plagued me all my life. Like a meaning of life question. Perhaps my problem is expecting a simple one or two word answer.
It has so wracked my brain that I think my best job might be career counsellor.
You know the last time, I went to a career counsellor, they couldn't stop with the cliché advice "make sure your resume is good, sell yourself before and during an interview and don't be afraid to take something less than you are qualified for." Somehow I was expecting more. Choosing the right job requires really good self-awareness. And of course, different jobs suit at different times of our lives. But I think there needs to be more time spent on getting to know the client personally. What are their likes and dislikes outside of work. What do they want to achieve in their life besides earn a living? How is their mental health? Are they stressed around people? Just because you are anxious around people, doesn't mean you aren't suited to a human services job/career. Of course pragmatic concerns like resume are also important. But I think I would be interested in helping either high school students or university students who wish to change courses. Help them question their own motivation for making choices. Do you really like kids? How is your level of confidence in front of a group? How might you build that confidence?
There are many of us who had to change our course at college. I baulked at psychology and chose education instead. But looking back, my reason for rejecting psychology was "oh, too much science and statistical analysis, I can't do that". But look at what psychologists end up doing. Most end up in human service/counsellor roles to my knowledge.
Ok my conclusion is, that choosing a job, a career requires time, patience, research and asking yourself the "hard " questions. The more ruthless we are in examining our motives, in separating healthy idealism from delusion, the better we can do in life. I'd like to see students spend a whole week or two in their last year of schooling on a meditation retreat with a career focus. or has it already been done?
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