rainy Jun 20, 2010
Depends what you're writing.

For example, labs tend to just be passive, more or less bypassing POV entirely. IE: "The specimen was placed on a slide."

Psychology may want journals, which are usually first person. IE: "I find that the scent of vanilla makes me angry. Based on today's lecture, I now understand it to be caused by. . ."

English reports will vary. Sometimes they want a first person narrative. Often, your reports are simply research, so there shouldn't be any true "POV" anyway. IE: "Alaska is a rich source of oil, but should it be drilled? Recent data shows. . ."

In short, if your syllabus doesn't state how you should be writing, then the question should be addressed to your professor. If this isn't for school, then normally I'd suggest stick with passive. But again, it depends a bit on WHAT you're writing.

Best luck,