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What`s the point?

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So Oscar`s been wanting me to do one of these blog things, and recently during a camp Nanowrimo write in, the point or reason for writing came up and thus inspired what you're reading now. What is the point? We have probably heard and even said that question many times. As writers, we have probably applied that question to are works many,many times. What is the point to what we are writing? Why I'm I writing this? This then leads to, should I write this? With the millions of books on the shelves, or whatever medium you write for is this worth it?

What point do you want to make? You are the writer, the story will take it`s lead from you even if it does run away on it`s own in some parts that`s still spawning from something inside you. Something I heard during the write in was that the point should always be to write a great story. I find myself agreeing with this, even if you intended to make a specific point telling a great tale should still be the purpose assuming you`re writing fiction. Look at C.S Lewis who is best known for a little place past the wardrobe. The Chronicles of Narnia had religious imagery and had a very religious point, even down to a certain talking lion telling the children to discover his counterpart in their world. Even with that message in the background they still tell pretty great stories.

What if we were to flip this. You can write a story with a specific message and still have it be a great story but what if you just have an idea for a great story and not a real message you want to shoehorn in. Yes, writing is a form of entertainment you don`t always need one huge message to tell a lovely tale. I`ve been working on a fanstey novel, and it started with a idea for a character that spun into a story. As I wrote I was writing a tale yes but looking back to where ti was going there were parts were there were hints, of anti-xenophobic message, and th end kinda raises the questions of how far one should go for moral reasons. It kinda weaseled it`s way in there.

That may all be word vomit up above, not sure. My main point is in the end, the point should alway's be to tell a great story. If you have a message you want to get out to the people embed in a great tale they won`t ever forget, and if you merely wish to weave a tale weave and see where it takes you. After all is telling a great story not the point of fiction in the first place?
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