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This morning, I went to the beach, about 7am for a swim. I found a brand new mobile phone in the sand, called a number on it, found out the adress of the owner, and drove over to give it back. It was some teenage girl that owned it, and obviously a very important thing for her. She told me thanks, and I left. Good deed done.

Today at the doctor's, I was told that I had strained some tendon in my hip, and I'm having problems with my hernia too.

I ran over a kerb on the way home, and got a flat tyre.

Then when I went to get some money from the ATM, I was halfway cross the carpark before I realized it was extremely hot, and burned both feet very badly, I can hardly walk due to the blisters.

My boss is pissed at be because I haven't been in all week, and don't have any sick days left.

Nothing good at all happened to me today. ;_;

Then again, I guess its not right to expect good things, but I could've done without all the crap. Oh well, tomorrow's annother day. [/complaining]
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