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What to do now?

Published by zzzkkkk716 in the blog zzzkkkk716's blog. Views: 110

Recently, I found out my mom was cheating on my dad. I was just doing random stuff on the cpu, then I found my mom's email account was open. Out of curiousity {i guess curiousity really does kill the cat}, I went through some of her emails and read multiple emails between my mom and random men I've never met. *ahem* slightly explicit emails, and then I also read some emails between my mom and some "Dating Guru" lady.
Sure, it was wrong of me to invade her privacy like that, and I'm paying for it by knowing stuff I didn't want to know...but now what do I do? Should I confront her and have her tell me "I'm the adult & I can do what I want." which is what my mom always tells me. Or should I jsut let it be, and ignore when she goes missing for hours at a time, and I know where she is. Should I tell my dad?

Life is so confusing. Mom's are not supposed to be like this. :confused:
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