When I Can Float

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I stay on the ground
thinking I'm happy
feeling sound
Then up strolls you

You hold me
Like something rare
Something new
And you kiss me

The ground falls
My heart calls
And I realize
That you are something rare

And I see
That for so long I've lied to myself
Feeling there could be no one else
That could understand

When I can float
I can realize
That we actually have a future
In your eyes

And for once
With my heart
My mind can agree
That you make me

A different me
A stronger me
But yo don't take th reigns
You just kind of guide

You allow me
To just be
But we both know
There is but one place I will go

By your side
When I can float
And see
The other side of the rainbow

Is actually attainable
And I don't care
That this may only be puppy love
It's still brand new

I've only ever heard
Of those like you
But when you hold me,
When you kiss me,

Those are the times
When I can float
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