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I mean, I am on a roll! Cranked out another scene between Sabby and Bentley, though it is an alternate progression to what happens after Sabby is 'rescued' from the foot chase with the cop. 1,315 words in this alternate progression, and I must say that though it leaves me more confused than ever in which direction I want to take their story, I'm still pickled with myself for getting it out at all.

In the original version, I have Sabby murder someone in front of Bentley and his 'Boss', which leads to Sabby being 'hired' into the gang and eventually used as their personal hitman. To which Sabby is equal parts elated, and scared stiff. Elated because it means she has enough muscle behind her to get the Italian mafia off her back (the reason she's banned from the state of Illinois), but scared mindless because it's a gang for one, and two, because although she's killed before, she doesn't have enough faith in herself to pull it off without cracking. And once you crack, the gang takes you out. No mercy for the weak.

In the alternate progression, Sabby almost blows Bentley's cover (He's currently undercover for the police, and it took him 5+ years to work his way up to being the gang Boss's 'left-hand man', AKA 'Zocato'), so Bentley threatens her and they wind up at his place, where he hopes to just shut her up long enough to explain everything, but Sabby almost blows his cover again, and to shut her up, Bentley kisses her.

Now, originally it was never supposed to be about attraction, lust, or even sex between Sabby and Bentley. It was supposed to be more about platonic partnership with a little bit of a 'big brother, little sister' feel. BUT. The way I have Bentley pictured just meshes so well with how absolutely insane Sabby is, I can't help but waver from my original perspective. Sabby needs someone who is heavy handed, yet just in ther actions. Someone who knows how to be utterly savage without losing rationality. Bentley isn't savage-yet- but will be eventually, and it's why I want them paired together. She will bring about his savageness as he softens her edges down a bit. Eventually being so in tune with each other they can finish each other's sentences.
But I digress.
So to turn their relationship less platonic, and sprinkle in more attraction, it creates an unknown for me. I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I wanted them to just be friends, and Bentley more protector than anything else. But the more I look at this alternate progression I just finished on my blog.com page, the more I'm liking the idea of a little spice between them.

Oh the woes of writing alternates :(
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