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When the mind leaves the body

Published by Rani99 in the blog Rani99's blog. Views: 135

I'd say my heart hurts, but I'm not sure if it's alive.

I could say I can not breathe, but I'm not sure whether it's the air.

I could say a lot, but still I would not be sure.

And everyone is asking why, but I'm not sure why.

I will ask you to listen because you are still here.

But do not feel the guilt because I feel it.

For each step, for each breath of the air, a combination of the words

And the words written, I know they are heavy, but now

Everyone gets rid of the difficulties like this, or not?

Conveying guilt to others, like in any game,

And at any moment it explodes if you have it for too long.

What are the goals of this game?

Destroy one player and aggravate the level.

Do you understand what I am talking about?

If not, it's not for you and I would advise you

Run away from here, further from me, because I've seen it

You do not want to breathe in the air I breathe

Because I have guilt for much longer

Nor any other player and I feel

Her ticking, her breathing, and I'm afraid of it

Because when it stops, I know it will explode.

So just breathe it in, and when you exhale, I will not be there anymore.
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