Where did my FIH go??

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This link is to a news site about a man being arrested for getting a three-year-old girl off of a busy street.

Although the charges were, thankfully dropped, it just sickens me how paranoid we've gotten now about children.

Yes, there are bad men out there that really do want to hurt the children, but c'mon, society! Learn to grow some common sense!

Oh, and this isn't the first time its happened. I've heard of teachers being fired for hugging their female student (possibly because they were upset or injured and this was a teacher for a very, very early gradeschool).

I can only wonder what it was like years before paranoia gripped the country. It's funny how times changed. Had something like this happened just fifty years ago, the witnesses and/or the law enforcers would be praising him as a hero of the hour. Maybe his name is on the front papers "Man saves girl from being struck by car".

Now, you can't even look at a kid without risking someone saying you're a pedophile.

I mean, god forbids a man decides to have the human decency to run out into busy traffic and get the child out of potential danger.

It may have detered some people from helping a child, but if I see a child in the middle of the road and in clear danger, I'm going in there and getting him/her out of it.

It's called being a human being with decency.
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