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Where do we go next?

Published by Maverick_nc in the blog Maverick_nc's blog. Views: 138

I recently completed the first draft of my memoir and filed it away to look at with a fresh set of peepers. Upon revisiting my work it was plain to see that, even in first draft form, it is nowhere near the level of writing I want.
I had expected it to be poor quality so this wasn't a surprise, but what did surprise me was just how little of myself I had left on the page. It's a memoir and yet I've written at a distance.

My standard of writing is not at a level that matches my ambition by some margin, so I'm a little unsure where to go next. I enjoy writing, but I'm not overly enthusiastic about continuing to rewrite the memoir until my standards improve. It is important to me that I tell my story in the best way I'm able.

So, where do I go from here. I'll continue to write of course, and learn from the experienced writers on here - some of whom have been fantastic. But other than that I don't feel I'm learning quickly enough.
I could sign up for some courses, that's one idea. Unfortunately there are no writing workshops on the island I live.
I will continue to post bits and pieces for critique. Short stories aren't really my thing, but perhaps I should do more.

What I'd really like is a mentor, since I learn best by examples, rewrites and corrections of my own writing.

I'm in no way unhappy with this situation, it is what it is. I'd just like to learn a little faster!

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