Where im wanted

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I wish i could run.
Run so far that not a soul could find me.
I have no idea where i would go.
But it would not be here.
Id have nothing but clothes and an ipod.
The ipod containing every song i cold ever want.
I could be sad, lonley, happy, or even apathedic.
Id have a song to match that.
Id use a stick to write in the grass.
Or the sand depending where im at.
**** makup and **** hair straighteners.
People are always gonna judge me.
So why even try to fit thier perfect expectations.
I know ill never meet them.
I wouldn't talk to anyone but myself.
Im the only one i can ever count on.
As for food, id make do with what i find.
Water is everywhere so that would be easy.
The hardest part would be not falling victim to the drugs of the streats.
Id run as fast as i can when they try to overtake me.
Cry so hard that i cant penetrate anymore tears.
Scream so loud that my throat starts to bleed.
And miss everyone so much that id come back in a day.
I love my friends to much.
My family i could care less about.
My friends have become my family.
They keep me sober.
They're always there to talk to.
They're hugs make me smile a faint smile of hope.
Im staying right here.
Where im wanted.
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