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Where It All Began

Published by echo_wolf in the blog echo_wolf's blog. Views: 84

Ok, since i already have a journal to write in about the daily trials and tribulations of Echo, I think this would be the perfect place to have a writing journal. No idea why though...:D

Even though I have a whole lot wrote on my novel (even if it isnt typed yet) I would like to keep track of progress. My motivation for actually taking this as far as I have is my english teacher from last year. She actually gave an assignment to create a character and put them in a two page story. Well, I blew that WAY out of proportion (as I did with every other writing assighnment) and did about 10 pages. She thought that was fantastic and wanted to read more. So, over the year I have shaped, remolded, rewrote, and wrote so much on it. After a period of not showing her anything, I come into her class on the last day and show her my new story. She just about had a cow! She was astonished and blown away. She has givin me so much support and help that I just have to finish it for her. My goal is to finish it by the end of the 2009-2010 school year. I am going to walk into her room, and put it on her desk and just see her reaction. I know she will cry and I probably will too.

So that is just a little insight of the story behind Elysian Field! And now I'm off to better my writing skills!!

Much Love!
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