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Where, or who, do you get your inspiration from?

Published by AECalchera in the blog AECalchera's blog. Views: 253

Of course, I could say one of the biggest drives for anyone aspiring to write is from reading.
Sometimes you read something, and depending on the author think: " I wanna write something like that!" or "I could so write better then that." It was this summer of 2012 when I rekindled this desire to write a story. I had finished reading The Cole Protocol by Tobias S. Buckell, something I had actually wanted to read when I was younger but lost interest in, and haven't touched since. I set it down and to this day I really wanted to write a science fiction novel.
So what inspired you to dabble into writing, or what made you pursue your passion to get published (or what's your fire to get published)?
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