Where the Tiger Plays and the Dragon Flies

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You nosy people you:p I'll share...

Weak, meek, bored, you crave the battle, want to learn more, that is why you have come. We welcome you. My name is Gaia Sol and I am the owner of this establishment. Those who enter my arena do not come so that they may sit in the shadows, they come to battle. We have many arenas and locals. If you are a mage, or well versed in the magical arts, Schy aven is for you. Do you enjoy the melee, the adrenaline of feeling your opponent as you punch him to the floor? Tiger Palace is yours. Have you swords, knives, weapons of close range? The Dragon's Village. Or is the thrill of the trigger which excites you? Assassin's Alley is your arena. We have many more, we cater to all. Please enjoy the facility.

Also note, death is of no worry, you are granted the Essence of Phoenix when you enter through our threshold.

But first:
Who are you? (BIO)
Whay skills have you. (Self-Explanatory)

This arena is yours for working out many types of combat from fists to guns and everything in between. Or just work out sequences for fun!

How to use this arena:

1. Once two or more combatants agree that they wish to use the Arena, they should recruit a Mediator for their fight (any member of the site who agrees to do it is fine). The Mediator's job is to ensure that each character is taking their hits realistically and to rule on the amount of damage taken if need be.

2. The Mediator is like a Referee in sports. The combatants will abide by the Mediator's rulings.

3. Remember to separate the character from the player. Characters may fight with each other and even be angry with each other, Players are expected to remain cool-headed and on good terms with each other.

4. The Essence of the Phoenix is invoked when death would otherwise occur. We don't want to waste characters in the arena. ;)
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