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Which way shall I go now?

Published by Imo in the blog Imo's blog. Views: 141

It's one of those days where I am inbetween stories and can't decide to turn left or right. I have this wonderful little plot in my mind, it's practically written - except there's not a word on paper. Still, I know the story, I know the sequence of events. It will be a Wuxia adventure, light hearted with a nice, friendly ending.

As my main niche is erotic fiction, my regular audience consists of adults. And yet... As a non-native English speaker, I wonder if my limited vocabulary would not serve for writing children's stories. Or rather, not -children-, but aiming at the age of 12-16. The age where children can be intrigued by feudal Japan, and Chinese customs; the age where they start to form their own opinion of right and wrong.

I don't mean to underestimate the effort it takes to write well for a younger audience. Using shorter words and shorter sentences won't mean less skill or effort. Perhaps even more as I shall have to put extra thought into getting the exact right feeling across in fewer words.

And yet... I doubt.

Won't I ruin the story by trying to oversimplify it? Am I making excuses for lack of skill in wanting to aim "lower". Do I believe I cannot make it work for adult readers?


Until I have worked this out, the story will exist only my mind. Hopefully I will come to a decision soon as the view from the crossroads only remains interesting for so long.
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