Whiskey Bottle ~Version 2~

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The mind numbing sensations.
The warmth of it as it slides down my throat.
Once again I've run to bask in the comfort of my whiskey bottle.
One gone and working on the next.
Silently begging for it to drown me in it's sea of golden warmth.
Without another thought as to what tomorrow will bring.
Another night alone between the cold sheets we once shared.
Reminded of every touch and whispered word.
Two gone continuing to the next.
Still the pain is there,
fading only to come back ten times worse.
Not even the calling comfort of my whiskey
can numb the pain I feel
twisting and stabbing at my heart.
Yet, its warmth still pulling me under,
whispering soothing words to me.
Three gone the next one coming.
The darkness is calling to me,
its dark fingers stretching out to me,
welcoming me into a world of nothingness.
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