Who Lives on Edge? Pt 1

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This section introduces you the abundant species of Edge the main species that have lived on this illusion of reality for many years. This is Pt 1

Despite the warm and cuddly sound of the name of these species, they are not cuddly. They are the main species and they rest on the highlands. They are known for their work in building and design. They are interested in science and philosophy. All though they are curious and want have a high adventurous side of science. They have some negatives. They are easily upset by the disbalance of their land, they become upset at species who do not meet their expectations, and they become upset when they are disrupted of their learning process.
Since the last century when humans came to the lands the Angels have become curious of these species. They are trying to understand these humans, their greed, and easy corruption.
Appearance of the Angels:
As I said before these are not warm creatures.
They have bodies made of odd gears and wear metal leather robes. They have two hands, but in one of their hands they hold a black pole. This isn't to look pretty on top of the black pole is a face, but the face is just a white mask. Their eyes are holes and their mouths are holes. They seemed to glide across the ground as if they have wheels at the bottom of their metal skirts. But they don't, Angels move connected to the ground instead on top of the ground or floating above the ground.

Their mask change shape upon their moods, red and more demonic face means angry, white usually means they are calm and willing to talk, and white with a more skeleton look means they are not in the mood to negotiate.

Modics are the more free loving science observers. They prefer the study of mechanics and other metal materials.
Though the tend to lean into what the Angels study as well. But the Modics are gear people. They love to make new things and they love to invent. Modics are allies with the Angels and live in the lower highlands.
When an Angel needs to fix, who do they call. They call a Modic, usually for an offset gear. But even though they are loved by the Angels they do tend to suffer from the Angels philosophy spells and angry spells.
Modics are what we call the most human. Though their skin looks like fresh metal and they have an android appearance they still look like humans. Because they are a city of creative species they wear human like clothes.
Usually more futuristic, but they make clothes out of soft cloth. They tend to go for the more period pieces like mid evil wear and such.

To be continued tomorrow.
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