Who Lives on Edge? Pt2

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This is the continuation of last midnights section. We will meet the rest of the species.

The Jillix are basically fish people, but they don't look like any ordinary fish people. The Jillix live in all water systems of the land, they live in mostly murky water filled with bacteria. The bacteria is their food supply. And so are some of the bigger fish. The Jillix are into all parts of biology and other natural science. The Jillix are needed to purify the water for the other species, they have built themselves underground cities, mainly just well decorated rocks with items they liked. When found on the surface they are usually searching for odd objects that attract them, but they also are testing the water systems.
Despite being fish people they looking nothing like people. They have green slimy skin and are very tall. Their faces have a sort of dog shape quality to them. When they walk on land they create a thick ooze around their body so that way they can breathe. They have gills across their necks and odd web feet and hands. This makes their on land walking.
Since they spend most of their time swimming they usually just wear a loincloth, their equivalent to swim trunks.

Gon Mona Azra a.k.a Azra
The Gon [gone] Mona [mo-na] Azra [az-ra] are the oddest of the species. They live in the lowland meadows and they are the equivalent of the Angels. But the main differences is that the Gon Mona Azra, known as Azra to some, do not spend their time with mathematic buildings and architecture of any sort.
They are known as the most free thinking species since they like to study lots of things about mythology and philosophy. Unlike the Angel who create their ideal around their philosophy the Azra study the core of philosophy.
Many Azra are known for being artist and writers.
The Azra are the most interesting out of all the species. Over their heads they wear strange ceramic looking mask that make almost a dome cap, seen AVP like the aliens from the movie, they wear robes with strange symbols on them. They are the tallest species passing over any Jillix usually around 6-7 feet in height. No one knows what the Azra look like without their mask, but they have a faint idea.
The only exposed area of their real interior is their hands. Which have a sort of doll look with leatherish skin.

We all know what humans are we hope. Humans have only come here in the last century. Humans live on the lower meadows and live real close to the Azra.
Humans have mated and are starting to become another wide populated species.
They have thrown off most of the balance to this land.
So far humans have complied with the all the negotiations with the species. But with their history of Western settlement frightens many who live here.
Everyone knows what a human looks like, I hope so.
The humans of this time wear leather like outfits. They are usually pants, shirt, jacket, and boots.
But also are catsuits, dresses, etc. These outfits are leather like, not exactly leather.
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