Whoa, when did HE get a blog?

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Whoa, I'm back.
So yeah, I used to post here on a very daily basis, but dropped off a while ago, believing that a) my internet-me was very whiny and unpleasant, & b) I could actually get more writing done if I took all the time I spent on this forum and actually spent it writing. It was a mostly successful attempt, but it might have been too successful, and now I have a pile-up of things that want to be finished. (Well, I always have a pile-up of things that want to be finished, but now it's like a Live-Free-or-Die-Hard-fire-and-explosions pile up, as opposed to a side-of-the-interstate, everyday pile-up.)

Inspired by the posts of other people at this forum, I've decided to use this spot to catalog my priorities in the writing world, and also do what any blogger should- have opinions! (Although I'll keep them safely sandwiched out of the way, as evidenced below.

I hope to be back!

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