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Why am I ALIVE?????????

Published by maidahl in the blog maidahl's blog. Views: 56

I’m breaking circles you don’t want to know. I’m stacking losses until a garden of weepers grow. A siege is sucking me. I’m fighting things I don’t want to see. The night’s all right with negligent trivial rivalries and chestnut complexities. I’m meeting demons I can’t demonize. I’m haunted by terrors I can’t terrorize.

I count reciprocals and lost prosaisms. I’m a boiler of buzzwords. My every locution is a trite frivolity. I’m coining a sick piper’s tune to the longest road I can find to nowhere. I fall frequently to madness and love. I want to grow tall and be more than where you are now.

Maybe I’m alive and that’s the reason why I don’t know anything.

Maybe I’m dying and that’s the reason why I’m alive.

Maybe I’ll yahoo “why am I alive?” and laugh myself off at the answers.

“nothing good has ever happened to me,ever.it not looking like anything good is going to happen should just jump off a bridge or kill 100 ppl -3 years ago Shane, moron”

“Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Does it matter why? Just try to make it a good life.”-my dad comma Dijon Hoogy
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