Malisky Aug 28, 2016
I see your point because I have also wondered about this and because I'm not American, so we don't have this issue here, I did what I always do - searched the web about diverse opinions. I've seen a video were some white people go around asking for directions from black people and in the end, in a friendly manner they say something like "thanks nigga!" This was of course a test with a hidden camera. Something like a social experiment. Some black people, although not offended were kind of dumbstruck. They found it laughable mostly, because it was kind of unexpected. After they told them about the experiment and asked them about their opinion upon the matter, they said that it was cool by them, because they knew in which way "nigga" was addressed to them. It was a trend thing and they were ok with that.
Although I don't say the word "nigga" myself (no reason to, not my style whatsoever) I find that it is not funny when in a movie a white person is slapped by a black person when he calls him a "nigga", like all the other black friends of him call him that. I mean, aren't they friends? It is a trend thing and although he might say it because he hears it all day long and he is (at least trying to be) one with the group himself, he gets the blame of saying it "differently" like he is a white supremacist or something, when clearly he isn't. This is hypocritical. Why do this? Why be offended when you know that the other person was not intending to offend you rather than blend in the group? Isn't this separation based on color? Friends should stand on equal grounds, so how do you honestly expect a person to be your friend when you separate him and cast him out by forbidding him to interact the same way you or your friends do so naturally? Makes no sense to me.