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Why did I open my damn mouth??

Published by Link the Writer in the blog My First Internet Blog. Views: 133

Why, when for once in my life, I could pretend I was mute, did I open my damned mouth and ask my Fiction Writing teacher if I could hand in yet another story for critique?

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind writing (generally), but I've already handed in two mysteries (The Amos Garnier and Heridon Copper things). I don't know what to write!!

I had considered my sci-fi story, but the prologue, where Helen Chert meets Kenthew as a baby, I find it too nauseating. They may not like that prologue, although it's kinda important as I can introduce the conflict of Devonians vs Altrans, etc.

I am also considering writing the first chapter of the Memoirs of Omar Bailey, but while I'm cool writing about dear Omar, I am afraid I'll just be making crap up with the plot of the first story.

I have to turn it in this Thursday. :(

Why did I do it? WHY??
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