Why do nice guys finish last?

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This is going to be my first and hopefully not last blog post. At the moment there seems to be one thing that bothers me about relationships between men and women...why do the nice guys never win? This is not only a movie conception but a reality for many guys out there. How many movies have you seen where there's a girl who has her perfectly nice guy who doesn't drink, is committed, works hard and all of that stuff, only to run away with the rogue ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and showed up a week earlier leaving the "nice guy" stranded at the alter or something to that drastic effect. In truth i believe that women do not really want the nice guy but actually want the naughty, daring, risk-taking type, the only reason they don't regularly say so is to adhere to social norms and aim to attain things which are expected of them by others. In essence this sub-conscious desire is flattened by other people's perception of said female.

Now this is not to say that there are not girls out there who want the nice guy, I'm sure there are but they are becoming extinct with every passing month. As a nice guy myself i have been screwed over so many times by man eating females that i wonder whether all the flowers sent to her workplace, spontaneous confessions of love and generally being the best i can is enough. Rather than wallow in self pity i would like to do something about it. A friend of mine used to be in the same boat and has since re-created himself and seems happy. He conceived that since the girls like bad guys he would become one of them, in my opinion it worked. He started from the bottom just generally showing not a care in the world for anyone, he became the proverbial "prick", but as much as girls hated him they wanted him even more, thinking "Oh i can change him" which was bull****. He would feign change just to get her into the sack, and then leave her heartbroken the next morning. I should've been unhappy but i wasn't. This went on for about a year. I never hang out with my friend anymore and don't know he's getting on, he would be pleased to know that i'm still getting screwed over, again and again, and would probably preach to me the way of the prick; but i doubt he's a happy guy, i wouldn't be happy....So if there's anyone out there who can tell me why girls don't like nice guys that'd be much appreciated.
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