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Why do we laugh at sick jokes???

Published by AbnormalThought in the blog AbnormalThought's blog. Views: 170

I have an impotant question:

WHY does society laugh at sick and immoral jokes? Take this for example; the so called "adult" cartoon "Family Guy" clearly features a perverted character named "Herbert"... His only role is to sexually harass and to endlessly proposition a young boy who's character is named Christopher. Thankfully Christopher hasn't allowed himself to be victimized yet.... Apparently the show's creater Seth MacFarlane feels that his fans are not yet ready for that level of sickness and must feel that it is not "appropriate" to push societies limits on that one yet... Everybody seems to praise Seth MacFarlane for being "so talented" and creative, that in itself is just as sick as the jokes that they are pushing...... I do not intend to come across as self-righteous in this matter, and please keep in mind he's not the only comedy writer to have done such things but I too have laughed at these particular very inappropriate and flat out sickening cartoon's myself....
But the question is. Why??? Well the easy part to figure out is that we have been desensitized as well as blindly railroaded and lead into to this type of behavior which allows us some type of excuse for not having to take full responsibility for it. But after reading this if you are in full agreeance of my opinion we will be forced to take responsibility from this day forward and to check our selves every time we watch our televisions as well as continue to stay vigilant and aware of the potentiality of further tactics used by Hollywood to induce their clearly sickening agenda to demoralize and eliminate our American values....The fact that we didn't see this coming as a society shows just how much influence and ability to brainwash the masses actually rests in the hands of these smut peddlers who happen to reside in Hollywood.....Coincidence huh...I really dont think so.....
Please leave your opinions I would love to hear them...
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