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Why is a Raven like a writing desk?

Published by GalwayGirl in the blog GalwayGirl's blog. Views: 162

I have come up with an answer to this age old question..... here goes......

Because neither of which really help you with your writing. I have a desk with my laptop on and it hasn't helped me collect my thoughts one little bit. I'm starting to think a Raven would give me more inspiration.

I am stuck 52 pages in with no clue what I was going to write in the next chapter this is what happens when I spend too much time away from my work and spend all my time with at the shop. I had a pretty decentish story writen down and now I can't remember where the plot was going to go, I think what makes it more frustrating is I have an ending I just have no idea how to get from A-Z I'm at like F if I'm lucky.

I have tried my usual tricks, going out and taking photographs of the world, losing the rest of the world with my iPod in and dancing around my kitchen, even writing an outline of my chaper and I thill can't seem to get it all down on paper, it's like I have a million hyperactive children running around in my head and I can't get any of them to sit still for more than a few seconds.
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