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Why is it?

Published by Anders H Jensen in the blog Anders H Jensen's blog. Views: 68

Why is it, that every time i see her, i long for her?
I am lost. Lost in her eyes, the greatest maze ever built. But this once wonderful and magical place, has become the place i fear the most.
In my past, I gazed upon this breathtaking maze with love and compassion. She would look back. Her eyes shining, making me happier than i ever have been.
That time is long gone.
The maze is now only filled with memories.
These are the memories that belongs to the owner of this now treacherous maze.
Should i ever take as much as a single look into those beautiful eyes, i will be lost. Once again.
I envy those who has not yet seen this maze. Much i would give to see it for the first time.
Her eyes are as magnificent as ever. But the maze has become inhabited by the longing for her.
I dare not look into them. It will only remind me of what is no longer mine. It would only tear my almost mended heart to pieces.
I love her.
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