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Why is this Here?

Published by lordofhats in the blog lordofhats's blog. Views: 111

Well, this is here as an explanation for what I'm putting into the "My Writings" section so no body gets confused. This is basically a place where I can shove any miscellaneous information I write up to keep things straight in my head that once it's done. It tends to just sit in my PC because most of it is behind the scenes non-sense unrelated to the story lines they concern in any direct manner that would make them worthy of mentioning. I use it and stuff but some of it in my eyes is some pretty good backstory so I figure I might as well do something with it rather than let it sit around being lazy while the stories do all the work for them.

I don’t really know if anyone cares but I’m putting it here anyway because I can :p and it’s mostly miscellaneous information for me that never makes it into the actual story line but that I guess someone out there might find interesting. Read it if you like, even comment if you have anything to say :cool:. After spending hours putting some of these "articles" as I'm going to call them, together, I feel like it’s sort of a waste to let it sit on its butt in a file in the dark attic that is my PC's Documentation index.
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