Why Mass Effect 2 Doesn't Make Sense To Me...

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WARNING!! MASSIVE SPOILERS!!! Don't come in if you haven't played the Mass Effect series or haven't played Mass Effect 2.

Before we begin, I'll refer to Sheperd as a female, because that's who she is in my game.

As I was playing Mass Effect 2, running around the Normandy, various odd things just hit me. They are:

The Death and Resurrection of Commader Sheperd
Short version of what happens in the opening cinema: A big ass ship that looks like a demonically-possessed potatoe owns the first Normandy hard. Everyone evacuates except your character who is killed in the blast trying to get the stubborn Joker (the sarcastic dude, not Batman's villain) into an escape pod. A team known as Cerberus collects your rotting corpse and initiates a project called "Lazarus" where they spend two years rebuilding you.

Issues I have with this:
#1- We very clearly see Sheperd's body descending toward a nearby planet. Why did her body not burn into a crisp as she entered its atmosphere?

#2- Think they put those clothes on your skeleton before they built you? Nope. Chances are your Shepard spent two years lying naked on an operating table, only to be clothed for the final tests.

#3- I can get rebuilding/reviving someone to look exactly how they were before they died, but what I can't wrap my mind around is being able to restore Sheperd's personality. Like Scott and later Ethan from CTRL+ALT+DEL said about Zeke, they can rebuild Zeke's physical body countless times, but Zeke's personality, what makes Zeke who he is, they can't replicate that. So how is Cerberus able to replicate Sheperd's personality? Were they just that lucky?

#1- It's revealed in the first Mass Effect game that Joker has a condition that makes the bones in his legs hollow. In the next game, we see him move just fine with a limp and a hunched position. Okay, so he joined Cerberus and got them to fix his legs up a little.

Question: Why not, instead of just a little, they said "Know what, Joker? We'll rebuild your legs so you can walk just as well as the rest of us." and did it. If restoring someone to life was possible for Cerberus, having Joker be able to use his legs properly should be by no means a difficult task. Just use implants and inject chemicals to strengthen the bones in his legs and feet and presto!

Well, those are the reasons the game makes no sense to me. Feel free to add in any comments. =D
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