Why Must Girls be So Difficult (at times)?

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The world is filled with a healthy number of very attractive girls. Many of those girls, in fact, can be found at my very school. Their femine features are beautifully sculpted, their hair in various browns and yellows falling lightly to their shoulders, and their bodies lithe and agile, they are almost perfect models for photography.

And yet, with irritating consistency, upon inquiry, they insist that they not photogenic in the slightest, that they always look terrible in photos. They duck and hide their angelic features behind purses or sheild themselves from the glass eyes of cameras with their arms.

It is INFURIATING. Here they are, beautuful girls, whining pathetically that they aren't pretty when they quite clearly are!! It is so indescribably aggravating.

Now, I'm avid photographer, I'm on yearbook staff as a photographer, and one the areas of photography that I enjoy the most is model/portraiture. Naturally, attractive girls make the best pictures, and its very fun working with pretty girls and producing photos that exemplify this beauty.

Ergo, when the pretty girls subsquently refuse to be photographed on the basis of a entirely untrue claim of un-photogenic-ness, I pretty much want to start ripping hair out.

Why do all these girls insist upon insisting that they are not pretty? Some people have suggested that it is simply a way to fish for compliments, but some of these girls are quite stubborn and adamant about being photographed, and its difficult for me to believe that this is the case. Perhaps for some, but for others this can't be the explanation.

I just can't understand why they have to run away screaming and hiding their faces, saying they're not pretty, when they are!!! They extremely attractive? Why can't they just see that?

Can anyone shed light upon this matter?
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