Why we people form India but India does not mean the people

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So the other day, some girls in our class were talking about some guys. One of the girl just said that the guys are "katu". Just then some Muslim girls walked in and heard a part of the conversation. Unfortunally the part they heard was "katu"........which apart from being a slang is also taken as a bad word against the Muslims and they started dramaticising the whole scene, there was hell lot of confusion and stuff in our class and.......

Why is it, that even after 60 years of independence........we STILL can't accept the fact that all Indians ARE brothers and sisters in humanity? Why does the Hindu-Muslim debate crop up, every single time? Can't we just learn to live together according to what the Constitution says-that India is a social, democratic and SECULAR nation? Is it so hard?

Why is it that, even though it's 60 years now, the SCs/STs and OBCs STILL need reservations? At university level. Spoiling the general classes chances? Where a general klass kid has got 97%, he won't get in cos that seat had been reserved for a 55% SC/ST. Why can't hep be given at root level. Or fine giv reservations, but at least consider merit.

India is RULED by democracy, but the people who're doing it ill are cutting the reins of this democracy. People don't know unity. That is why, we people DO form India, we're ctizens of India, but we can NEVER be th heart and soul of India and can't BE India, until we learn to live together.
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