Will I Die

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Author Note: This is not a suicide note. Nor is this some kind of sick depression poem. This is just a thought that came to me. Was inspired by a song I am listening to and this is what I heard in the strings of the violin.


I feel like I am
underwater my hair
gently floating back and
the world underneath me
is low and mumbled

In the depths of
this dark dank world
I wonder if I'll die

Another pain pill to
make it go away
another heroin shot to
stop thinking

Underwater with me
are my demons
They drag me down

Keep me from water
will I die I ask myself
their ghostly hands
their faded hands dragging
me back underwater

Another this
Another that
I slip from reality
so easily

Am I crazy
I wonder
Will I die
I hope it's tomorrow

Keep me away from water

Grab it
Take it
It calms us down

It makes the pain
But it makes the demons
come back

Will I die
I hope it's next year
Keep me from water
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