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With Prose - To the Death

Published by K.S.A. in the blog K.S.A.'s blog. Views: 135

I've been a Reader for as long as I've been able to put a word together. I was "the fastest & most promising reader" in whatever grade I was in. But all I've ever wanted to do was write. I even took a few baby steps, with a few articles in the school magazine...but nothing that really helped jumpstart me. So I went back to being just a reader.

By age 12, I had probably read 50 of the 100 books in the BBC Reading list, a number I have managed to add only 10 more to in as many years. I've stagnated. Makes me feel claustrophic - like I can't get in enough air - but that still doesn't help me read or write anything intelligent anymore.

I still dream of putting pen to paper, & weaving magical tales about characters I intimately know but don't have the strength to share. I don't know how long it will take &, given my current state, I'm not feeling very optimistic about it. All I know is it will happen. One way or anther - even if I'm 80 years old with arthritic fingers - I will tell my story.
Since this was my first blog post, I tried to give as good of an introduction of myself as I could manage. Although I'm sure not many of you will read it, I'm thankful to this forum for giving me this space. **bows** Arigatou
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