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With Saddening Eyes

Published by Leaka in the blog Change. Views: 74

It's about this situation I had. It's a poem

With Saddening Eyes

I look upon my life
with saddening eyes
I can feel them burn
with saddened passion
and I feel I need to
cry or woe, but I cannot

I look upon my heart
with a saddened soul
I can feel my soul burn
with saddened expression
and I feel my heart closing
numb, but I still have to
live my life

I look upon my soul
with a tearful spirit
I can feel my spirit dwindling
with a saddening fire
and I feel my soul no longer
here, but I still have to
keep my soul

With saddening eyes
I just keep everything to myself
Maybe they'll read my sadness
through my eyes or maybe
they'll just pass me by
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