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Wonder what I'll use this for...

Published by ChristopherBreen in the blog ChristopherBreen's blog. Views: 151

So I just noticed this Blog portion of the Writers Forums and thought, why not post something.

Although I am not sure what I will use it for specifically, I will make random posts, about random things, at random times.

The current time is 12:10 am June 23 and while I should be sleeping, it eludes me. Sitting in my room with Family Guy playing in the background and scrolling through the forums posting on whatever piques my interest.

One thing that is on my mind is the Short Story. I've always had issues when it comes to writing short stories. In the past I have put enough ink to paper or clicks to keyboard, to produce pieces of writing that range anywhere from 50,000 to over 100,000 words but have the hardest time writing and finishing a piece that is only a few thousand words (or under 10,000 words).

I wonder how many others have this issue. Though out the years I have managed few short pieces but it doesn't come easy at all. My first short story (to be published) was a piece called Shifter and it was only a few thousand words long and painstakingly I dropped the words THE END and pushed it aside. It just didn't feel finished to me, something was missing, a lot was missing.

Blood Moon Rising picked it up and published it. The editor loved it. Years later I came across it and cringed. It seemed messy, all over the place, and unfinished.

Currently, I have begun taken pieces I wrote when I was younger and began working on them and while I am still not good at cutting off my stories before the maximum limit of the Short Story, I am trying.

Well, that was just a random thought but I guess it is the first step to this blog. Don't worry I'm sure when the blog posts become a little more focused they should be better.
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