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word count vs character count?

Published by Marranda in the blog Marranda's blog. Views: 159

So in trying to post an excerpt of my MC, Sabby's, police chase, I ran into a word count issue. My word program says there are 786 words in my 'story', but when I copy and paste onto here, it says there are 4,262 characters...
Ohhhh!! Characters include spaces, right? So that would explain it, because seriously, I was looking at the word program like a villain or something.
"Lie to me, you stupid computer program!" I was getting so mad! Haha! Oops! Well, I guess that means I can't post any excerpts? That's a downer. I was looking forward to posting things with titles like "Sabby's feeling stabby", but I guess I can't now, knowing my excerpts are too long to post in a blog
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