Words Could Never Make Me Stay

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My spring break seems to have taken a turn for the better. Much, much better.

The two days before my birthday were miserable. Both my father and mother got sick, chills raking their bodies as fevers overtook them. I felt so utterly helpless, offering them cold water, blankets, and the asprin bottle every 6-8 hours. My dad still found some reserve of energy to go back to work on my birthday, claiming he felt a bit better. My mother, unfortunately, did not. Still weak from not eating, her stomach unable to keep anything down, she stayed in bed, shivering like it was mid-December instead of early April.

I spent most of my birthday sitting on the computer, skimming over facebook for any sign of life. I was surprised when, upon logging in, several birthday wishes were left for me, all from friends of mine. I clicked around, checking updated profiles and the like, and came across something that surprised me.

A friend of mine, Carlos, had a facebook.

I didn't know he had one. We'd known each other since middle school, and only recently become good friends again with him sitting diagonally behind me in Physics this year. Reading over, I learned he had just recently returned from the school Spain trip, and was feeling pretty fantastic. We began to chat, messaging back and forth. Little by little we talked about what he saw in Spain, and how odd it must have been for him to be back home where the biggest decisions involved things like prom. It was the prom segment that things really picked up.

Carlos: What about you? are you going with anyone?
Alivia: Well, I asked Mike, but since his precious Brie isn't going, he seemed pretty determined to say no. I asked someone else, Jack, but he never got back to me, so I'm assuming no. At this point I think I'm just going on my own. What about you?
Carlos: I asked Sam, but she said no. There was someone else in mind, but she doesn't have the same kind of morals as I do.
Alivia: Huh?
Carlos: She drinks/smokes.
Alivia: Ah, I see.
Carlos: You know, it's funny. You seem the type who would be asked to prom.

I melted into silly putty at this. It felt so sweet to think that he thought I was cute enough to have people asking me, not the other way around. My smile spread as I replied, laughing lightly.

Alivia: Haha, I wish. 98% of the time if I want a date for something, I have to ask the guy. Otherwise it's no date for moi.
Carlos: Hey, do you remember the halloween party we went to back in middle school?

My mind clicked. Of course I remembered that party; it was the time I had been crushing on Carlos. We had gone to the party together, me inviting him along as my 'date'. I felt the blush dash my cheeks, pink covering my face.

Alivia: Yeah! You were dressed as the Zorro, right?
Carlos: Yeah. Sorry I don't remember what you were dressed as.
Alivia: Haha, it's okay. I don't even remember what I was dressed as.
Carlos: We had a good time, didn't we?
Alivia: Yeah, we really did.
Carlos: Do you know where I'm taking this conversation?

I stared at the screen, my eyes widening. Was he... asking me to prom? And using that one time together as a base? My face became fully colored in a fire engine red. I was speechless; I just got asked to prom in the most odd way, yet... it was cute. I typed furiously, the smile on my face unmatched.

Alivia: I think so. Are you asking me out to prom?
Carlos: It's odd doing this online instead of in peson, but yes. Yes, I am. Do you wanna go with me?
Alivia: Yes!

My heart took the biggest leap it had in months. This was surreal; surely I had to be dreaming. Since when did I ever get asked out to prom? I was no where near pretty enough, graceful enough to dance, and ladylike was never thought of when I came to mind. What did he see? I thought about it for a moment, then just as suddenly decided that I didn't care. He saw something, obviously, and that meant other people could see it, too.

It got better. My cousin said I could crash at her place for the night. After making sure my mom was as well as she could be I told her I was heading to my cousin Alicia's for the night, promising to be back in the morning after I went to church with them. My night on the computer extended at her home, where we sat on the computer, laughing like loons over the littlest things. I spoke to Carlos some more, and in the process of things, well, I ended up getting asked out on a date. We're going to see Monsters vs. Aliens tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier.

Mike, eat your heart out. I've found something better than you, someone worth my time and my smile, my compassion and my dedication.
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