Words of Wisdom, from an unexpected source

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I was watching Outlander and got super bummed out, so I thought I'd watch a comedy special before I went to bed. Netflix had been showing off this 'Vir Das' guy for a while, and I'd been meaning to get around to it.

He's reasonably funny. I recommend it, but not if you're squeamish about the occasional cuss word. But it's not his comedy that's got me writing. It's his unexpected words of wisdom that I'm sharing with all of you, so that I can have it in the future when I need it.

"And I learned something from that. I learned...fuck...that your talent belongs to you...and weirdly, your reputation belongs to other people. Other people will decide when you are cool, uncool, relevant, irrelevant, finished, want a selfie, don't care. It's none of your business, don't worry about that shit. It's a disease, you can't control it. Focus on the talent you have in front of you and you'll always be okay. That's what I learned."

For some reason, tonight, that seems especially poignant.
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