Aerisfullofwhimsy Oct 12, 2015
Yes, I think words create thoughts. I think writers can paint with words onto paper/screen, like a painter does with a brush on canvas.Yeah, I know that is corny and maybe cliche, but it's true. I think writers have the power, a sort of attainable superpower of the few, to manipulate a person's thoughts and maybe even sculpt ideas. With our words. I think this makes us demigods in a sense, to create and place new thoughts, feelings, worlds, into another's mind. I mean this in the most positive and least egotistical sense. I think almost all writers deep down, are trying to do this, even if they're not aware of this and of course they do it for other reasons as well. That doesn't make us responsible for the reader's actions, thankfully. So if someone tries to write the next "Turner Diaries" to start a race war or something nefarious, then that's really a futile (and terrible) thing to do.

As far as creating new words, I support that effort. I think all languages evolve and people are always making it do so, but writers can really get the ball rolling in new directions. Or rappers. Whichever.