Work Conditions

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Two pages in half an hour. That's my fastest time ever; good thing too since I'm running late today. Now if I can just finish up this and a few other things quickly I'll get to bed not too far behind schedule.
I write in my room, most usually. And since there are four of us living in a fairly small one story house with thin walls, I have headphones on and music turned up. As it is, I can still hear my son's voice raised in frustration. I don't remember hearing it when I was writing though. So maybe I am getting better at focusing, blocking out distractions. The music itself only caught my attention once, and that was this one song that keeps irritating me. I removed it from my playlist this time.
For awhile, I worried that the music I use to insulate me from the noise of my family would prove too much of a distraction. I wonder how many other people here use music, and what sort? At the moment, I mostly have a mix of IAMX and Depeche Mode, with a bit of Josh Groban and U2. The energy and rhythm of most of those songs seem to work for me.
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