workin on it...

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I drew a picture today of what I want my novel to look like, with my pen name and everything...because you know nothing gets a novel written like procrastination. I wrote a good bit this week. It was all out of order, but I got it organized, only to be inspired some more towards the end. So I wrote what I wanted, and still have to fill in some gaps. There is a whole middle section I NEED to write, and I just cant think of how I want it to go. I've got a great begining, and a great climax, and a great end, and the memories of my main character piece into all of this, but the actual love story part is what I'm finding hardest. At first, I wanted my main character to go the whole story and not fall for the main male till the very end. However, after writing so much, and expanding, it has become obvious it needs to happen earlier. So I'm working on getting from point A to point B with thier love without moving to fast, and without making it cheesy. But other than that things are going well with it. Still moving along when my teething monster child isnt screaming at me. I have found night time when the whole house is asleep my best chance to be creative. So tonight, I'm setting a goal, and not moving till it's met.
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