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Trudging through the tangled path,
Thwarted, beaten, and pressing on-
Once more perseverance hath
The ages won.

Never looking back nor seeking
Comforts of familiar places-
Ravaging wildness, wreaking
Aging faces.

Dauntless, following the need,
Pulsing through their gritty marrow-
Beyond tomorrow, cast slow-speed
Flies the arrow.

Morning ever dawns anew-
Places, mortals, hours unfolding,
Leave behind the smallest clue,
Truth withholding.

Peering back through chapters' prose,
Victories found within the pages-
Touted brazenly by those
In modern ages.

Whence come forth the haughty proud,
We followers left in their wake?
What deeds enveloped in fate's shroud,
Their pride will make?



I remember your skin
smelled faintly of cucumber
I inhale, and know
I will have your innocence.

Lips converge -
Yours hesitant, mine coaxing,
until our hunger blends
on gliding, seeking tongues.

My hand reaching for
your solid need,
straining against the barrier
of your blue jeans.

Fumbling, breathless,
darkness envelopes heightened senses
as skin disrobes,
meeting sultry summer air.

In total blackness
I imagine your face,
contorted in pleasure
as my mouth works its' practiced magic.

An invitation barely whispered -
Unsure, you move closer,
awaiting silent instruction -
eager now, taut and urgent.

Restraining lust
to heed your newness,
I guide you gently to me,
cradling your body with my thighs.

A stilted start,
your motions smoothen
to the rhythmic rocking
of our coupling.

'Teacher' and 'student'
merge into one being,
one breath, one need,
pursuing the same end.

Lost to the chase,
gripping and tumbling,
the murkiness of almost dawn
reveals your face beneath me.

Intent and awe
blend on your brow,
your grasping hands
clutch at yielding breasts.

Wanting you now
to know the final secret,
I work you towards
the summit of your initiation.

A sudden jagged
intake of breath,
a jerking spasm of heat, followed by
your slow shy smile of wonder.

In the creeping gray light of day
I have shared your awakening,
and neither of us
emerge unchanged.


Joyous Winter

If you think winter time is nice
Try not falling on the ice
Happened to me last year twice
That is, three times, to be precise

I guess you are a fan of snow
Then perhaps you didn't know
Blowers almost never blow
And shoveling is hard and slow

Perhaps you like to sled and skate
Frozen limbs will be your fate
Anyway I can't sled straight
The cold is what I really hate

If winter's chill where you reside
I'd suggest you stay inside
Otherwise you'll slip and slide
When you attempt to walk outside

Oh joyous winter time is near
Season that is so severe
Horrid, raw and nasty here
Most miserable of all the year

I wish I could leave all this snow
No more drifts I'd have to blow
Wish I had the funds to go
To sunny balmy Mexico

© December 2009

Katharine L. Sparrow
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