World War II ~ My Way

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*WWII Air RAid Sirens sounds*

Today, I begin a new war. Today, a nation rises up valiantly against the Germans.

That war happens...It shall be known as...

World War II ~ My Way

This war is happening in my WWII scenario in my Civilization IV game. Basically, I've selected a mode that allows me to play the Second World War my way (hence the title), so it doesn't follow any historical events.

So I play as the French and have one thing in mind: The Death of Germany and possible World Domination to complete Napoleon's dream. Of course, me being the cheater that I am, I supplied France with bombs and soldiers it never had, like the A-bomb. :D

This blog will document that war for any who is interested in it.
(Fornight, 2, July, 1939 in the game)
= War with Germany is declared by France.
= France nukes Germany.
= French tanks begin their first attack.

More to come later. XD
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