Wowzerz! my own forum!

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Well, I have decided to give running my own forum a go. It's at So if you want to go and have a mosey around, feel free, it's only a baby so there's not much happenign at the moment!

Oh and I am not intending to steal forum members as I still enjoy this forum very much. I wanted, A: To get a little bit more of control with what happens, B To have a bit more of a relaxed place to chill out in.

While I do want other writers posting, it's not exactly forced. It's not like you have to post a poem or novel etc just to stay there. You don't really have to at all! Just come around, discuss books, games, music. Make friends.

So please don't accuse me of stealing members because I'm not! I would love the other members here to join my forum.

Oh and you will have to bear with me because this is my first forum under my own control and I'm not exactly a techi! So if you want to offer advice, please feel free! I would probably appreciate it!
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