Write a Note

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Don't speak. Don't say a damn word. Lock your youthful eyes with mine and never look away. I'm about to show you the world. Beyond these winter frosted trees, slumped by frozen tears and years of wear and struggle IS. Beyond this tinsel town filled with people just like you and me. People JUST LIKE you and me searching for their place in this world IS.

There's so much.

Close your eyes now.

You can see it. Your imagination and wonder permits you too. See the trees. See the birds. Feel the chilly breeze as it caresses your skin with that lustful scent of the ocean over those mountains and beyond this forest.

Fall in love again.​

Don't say a word.

Sit down and simply wait. Close your eyes, sit down, relax, and wait and let the world unfold itself before you. Fall in love again. Chase those city lights and relive those adventures you had as a kid. Fall in love again, dammit. Feel those lofty feelings. Lust, gawk and stare in awe of the beautiful girl in this expansive scene. Remember what it felt like when it was good. Remember what it felt like when it was bad.

Fall in love just one more time and never stop loving again. Acknowledge that fear inside of you and never stop trying.

Fall, get up and fall again... and never stop dying.
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