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Writer problem #37 creating mood

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I'm getting ready to do a series of Nano sprints, and for the last two days I've had trouble motivating. I'm not sure why I'm dragging so badly on this novel. Last year I kind of hit the ground running hard, and just never looked back. I also had far less work into the pre-nano stages for that crap tasking piece of writing.

I'm probably just getting in my own way. That' being said I decided to blog first before hitting the Nano keys.

Today's blog post? Creating mood in yourself to foster your writing, and setting the tone for the piece your working on.

Last year I kept a novel journal, and I've done that for Tanglewood making it a standard practice. Before I begin writing on certain chapters, I first sit down at the keyboard, or with a notebook and jot down thoughts about my real life, and then move into the novel. I list goals, or work out more details for my chapters that I'll be writing. It does help.

The other practice I adopted for Nano last year, was to look up pictures of various things. For example my MC last year found herself wandering through a canyon to meet a gypsy like band of witches that roamed through the canyon. So I looked up pictures the closest canyon (the second largest in the US) and gypsy tents, trees. I clicked on hundreds of images saving the ones that spoke to me. I took those images of jaguars and roving camps, and posted them under a private setting on my facebook page, hidden away from family, friends, and work buddies. Why facebook? Because facebook is a writer's worst enemy. It's a time trap waiting to happen. This way I had a reminder of how I should've been spending my time.

The last thing I did last year, which I am currently doing right now. I picked a few songs that resonated in me the things I wanted for specific chapters, or that I felt just fit the work I was actually trying to get out. I played the initially when I worked on my novel journal and right after I re-read the day before's work. So that I sort of trained myself to the music. When I heard those songs, I knew it was time to work. Right now I'm listening to Ciara's rendition of paint it black from The Last Witchunter's soundtrack.

So, anyway, that's what I'm doing to combat writer problem #37. Happy Nanowrimo, and I hope this helps!
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