Writer's block - Describing a setting.

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Writer's block used to be a really big obstacle for me, but now I've overcome it, and the solutions are actually very simple. So I thought I would share and hopefully help out some fellow writers. There are a few points to address so I'm going to separate these points and give them their own posts.

My writer's block would crop up at very particular points;
-When I'm describing a setting.
-When I'm describing a character.
-When my characters are having a conversation.
-When the plot needs to move forward/the character needs to act.
-When a sentence/paragraph doesn't sound right.

I'll start with describing a setting.
This can be a very overwhelming challenge for the imagination sometimes, especially when you want to give the reader more than 'it was a big city'. And while we're encouraged as writers to go out into the world and take in our surroundings, sometimes it's hard to, especially if you want to be accurate.

To overcome this problem I started to save images on my computer in a folder called "Inspiration." Whether I was on Tumblr, Pinterest, etc, if an interesting image of a setting appeared, I would save the picture so I could go back to it later. Knowing I have to describe a setting doesn't even intimidate me now because of this, I have a huge folder full of reference images. It's no different than describing the street outside your house, and you can obviously elaborate or add detail in your descriptions if you want.

Here are a few examples of images that I have saved in the folder.
If anyone has any questions, or if my advice didn't apply to you, please feel free to respond or message me and I'll try to help you :)
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