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Writers Block...

Published by ObsessedImagination in the blog ObsessedImagination's blog. Views: 112

Don't you just HATE writers block?

I had this fantastic story, all planned out. I had my blueprint and my itty-bitty notebook full of my important characters.

Seven pages in....and I'm out. I have nothing more to give the story. I'm bored. If I, the writer, am bored with my own work, how can I expect anyone to read it without falling asleep?

So now I'm sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen and waiting for a novel to type itself out. What a sad little world I am sitting in...

I have read so many other people's work on the Forum in the last couple of days, and reviewed a few of them too. What fantastic writers you guys are!

I think that's what stumped me. My work sounds like an 8 year old with ADHD wrote it while on a sugar rush....it makes no sense to me any more.

Well I think now that my fingers have finally started moving across the keyboard, I might open a fresh page in Word and see what happens...

Night all! :cool:
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