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Writer's Block...

Published by OutlawedAngel in the blog OutlawedAngel's blog. Views: 150

I don't believe in Writer's block, altough i suffer from it a lot. It is because for me to write i have to be in a certain frame of mind, and the further i drift from that frame of thought the more difficult it is for me to put pen to paper or fingers to keys. Hence why i don't think writer's block is real, not in the sense of i have writer's block, i feel if you have writer's block it is purely due to stresses and facotrs out with your control, or that the project you are working on clearly isn't working. The last time i done any substantial writing was exactly three months ago, then it dwindled out and since then i have had a lot of ideas which i have filed away, as i like to keep note of any ideas i have just incase i can work up the power to write. And today i feel that i have finally smashed through the physical barrier holding me back, i managed to put away all my fears and doubts regarding life at the moment and actually write, i started at two pm with a blank sheet, only a title, and at 6:50pm i completed the short story i was working. It tapped out at 8000 words, and i have the over powering feeling of acomplishment in knowing that i did it. And i already know it is flawed, rough as hell and needs a lot of spit shine and polish, but for right now i'm happy to have completed something for what feels like months. I think i've earned a beer.

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